USGBC Hawaii's Green Schools Committee raises community awareness about the benefits of green schools by working with parents and teachers, students and school boards, administrators and city officials. They host community events in cities and towns, connect with elected officials, provide technical expertise, share their initiatives with the media, and much more.

Working together, the Center for Green Schools and the Chapter Green Schools Committees are equipping, empowering and engaging communities in the green schools movement.



Green Schools Committees are taking on a variety of initiatives, and as a result are attracting members from across their communities. These volunteers are architects, designers and building engineers, as well as educators, environmental advocates, local business owners and parents.

You can join our Green Schools Committee to raise awareness in their communities; share strategies, resources and best practices; tour green building projects and more. 

K12 Curriculum Platform Pilot Program - Register today!

The Center for Green Schools kicks off its latest initiative: an online education platform to provide K12 schools one-stop access to the best education resources for sustainability. The platform makes it easy for teachers to seek and find high-quality, standards-aligned materials to teach sustainability as its own topic and as a contextual supplement to core subjects. Search functions, peer collaboration opportunities and content curation tools make it easy for teachers to utilize resources that deliver inspirational, impactful and innovative classroom experiences. The platform will serve as a hub for our carefully selected education partners to market and distribute their products and services and as a playground for teachers to explore an ever-increasing array of content and opportunities that develops their skills and confidence as educators.

The platform will debut in August 2015 and provide a suite of action-oriented standards-aligned (Common Core and NextGen) and STEM-enriched K-12 curriculum. Teachers, educational providers, school administrators, are encouraged to join. Participation in this programs provides ONE FREE YEAR (2015-2016) of  curriculum content and support with the understanding that participates provide critical feedback during this pilot phase to continuously update and improve the content.

Register by June 30, 2015 to be part of this exciting process. Register Here!

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Green Classroom Professional Program + Toolkit (GCPC)

What is it?

A pilot program that stated in 2012/2013 through the support of an innovation grant from the Center for Green Schools, our Committee successfully executed a Back to Green Schools - Green Classroom Professionals Certificate (GCPC) Program Training and Toolkit project. The initial program trained 35 schools and 150 participants - Teachers, students, volunteers, school leadership, staff and parents, on the components of a green school. Each teacher was partnered with a mentor with the A/E field and was provided a toolkit of devices and resources to measure the energy, water, IEQ, waste, and health of their classroom and school environments.

Version 2 of the program looks at connecting the dots between current curriculum standards and the GCPC program. We also hope to launch a green schools challenge between interested public, charter, and private schools as part of this program.

Why is it important?

  • Environmental literacy
  • This programs aims to move from education about sustainability to educating for sustainability by building awareness and understanding of built environment within the next generation.

 What are our success metrics?

  • GCPC alignment with Common Core concepts/standards
  • GCPC benchmarking of at least 5 schools
  • Regular use of the toolkit and its resources in the classroom environment


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